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Since completing his first job in 2004, David Mills and the Re-side Team have been consistently recognized as one of central Indiana's leading home improvement contractors.  Re-side's rapid growth was driven by tremendous customer loyalty and by focusing on following the proper installation proceedures for James Hardie Fiber Cement and other quality building products.


Re-side's professional approach to evaluating potential client needs has helped over 1500 homeowners preserve and maintain their home's integrity, value and appearance while saving them thousands of dollars in heating, cooling and unnecessary maintenance costs.  


David Mills is recognized as Central Indiana's James Hardie remodeling authority and educator.  He regularly lectures real estate professionals and has been a guest lecturer for the Indiana Home Inspector Continuing Education Program at Ivy Tech. Re-side's strict quality control guidelines and attention to detail limit annual production to just over 100 homes a year.  Contact the Re-side Team today and experience a different type of contractor.


Your Home is probably one of your largest investments. 

Protect it today and scheduling your free home assessment!











The Re-side Difference:


Re-side will provide you with a no hassle estimate that is good for one full year.  We have no gimmicks, phony prizes or misleading discounts that are built into the price.  What we do have is experienced people that have worked together as a team to help us become one of the top rated James Hardie Contractors in the Midwest.


If you invite Re-side to provide you with an estimate you can expect:


  • An education about the products that we will use for the re-siding of your home.

  • We will explain the re-siding process in detail and how we plan to remove and replace your siding.

  • We will provide you with a very complete estimate with all of the componets broken out ala carte.

  • Consultative Selling... No high pressure one call close salesmanship! We aren't window sales people.

  • Help with the design of your new siding and the selection of your home's color.

  • An unparalleled level of Customer Service and an open line of communication.



David A. Mills

David Mills was born in Indianapolis Indiana. He spent his early years playing and working on the family's 1500 acre dairy and hog farm.  After graduating from Earlham College in 1982, David went to work in a business started by his grandfather, Maplehurst Dairy. That business was sold in 1994.

Chapter 2. It was time for David to re-invent himself. Over the next 10 years David worked for a variety of start-up companies including the 1997 Indy 500 winning team and 3 national Internet Service Providers.  These fast paced environments provided the opportunity to learn how to create, build and manage a business. More importantly David learned that poor business decisions often caused startup companies to fail.

David started Re-side with $3000, a booth at the Indianapolis Home Show and a commitment from the best siding and painting crew in the city. Re-side completed 65 houses their first year.

Steve Reilich

Steve Reilich was born in Indianapolis Indiana. He grew up in a beautiful Craftsman home tucked back off the road on 13 acres of apple orchards. His early years were spent playing in the woods, mowing the lawn, gardening and learning the game of golf. He spent many hours perfecting his swing and learning to build golf clubs.


After graduating from school Steve moved to Myrtle Beach and then to Asheville North Carolina as a golf pro. In 1987, Steve was lured back to Indianapolis by a family business opportunity. He worked there until it was sold in 1996. Shortly thereafter, Steve returned to the Carolinas where he spent several years in the real estate business. This experience eventually lead to working on homes to make them more energy efficient. “We were all about tightening the home’s envelope while using a better form of insulation than foam or fiberglass. When everything is done right, this system works very well”.


An opportunity to visit a friend in Singapore changed Steve’s life. A planned six week vacation turned into more than two years of backpacking through Southeast Asia. “The people in all of those countries were very warm and I found their varied cultures beautiful. I loved every minute of that unique experience. Now, it feels good to have my feet back on US soil”.


“Joining David at Re-side has been a natural fit. The products we represent are ‘best in class’. We understand the importance of the process to the homeowner and the sizable investment that they are making. Proper installation and good communication throughout the process is key. At the end of the process we want to make sure that the homeowner is thrilled and that provides a great sense of accomplishment to our team. It’s a win-win! Here’s to Re-side, James Hardie and life back in the US!”

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